'Halloween Horror', The new Album by Willie Dick is free to download, a perfect little treat for Halloween.

Lock the doors turn the lights low and confront the familiars.

Willie Dick

"A Monstrous Masterpiece"
Max Rienhrdt BBC Radio 3

"Its fair to say there is no comparible songwriter operating in the UK today" Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

"The most original thing to come out of BBC Introducing in the last 2 years" BBC 6 Music

"Willie Dick is one of the most versatile and unpredictable musicians I have ever heard in my entire life" New Hell Fire Club

Take a journey into the mind of the unhinged. Throw away your inhibitions and set fire to your soul.

Do you suffer from fear of estrangement? Do you suffer from fear of commitment?

Then confront your familiars and come on inside where your dreams will be realised and you nightmares pushed aside. cause we live as we dream.

We live as we dream.

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