Willie Dick a Glaswegian vagabond musician has found himself being propelled into a world of anarchy by an unlikely backer. 

Spotted at the legendary Nice N Sleazy's by Tom Robinson from 
'The Tom Robinson Band', now BBC 6 Music presenter & champion of new music said "If you record
it, I'll play it"

Willie was subsequently selected for the best of 2012
'BBC introducing' mix tape.

Squatting has been an integral part of Willies life. Surrounded by decay, it was whilst squatting in an abandoned Nursing College & Morgue that Willie found his sound. Silence surrounded and only the noise of his scream would chase away the demons.
PRESS Quotes

"It's fair to say that there is no comparable songwriter operating in the UK today!" Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

"The disturbing but quite brilliant" Tom Watson MP & Author of 'Dial M for Murdoch'

"He is off the hook, unhinged, full of wild energy with a rooting in blues and folk and knack for bizarre lyrics and vocals that kick out something like Sebadoh on steroids" New Hell Fire Club

"The most original thing to come out of BBC Introducing in over 2 years" BBC 6 Music

"He is by turns manical and imploring, always charming, like any good serial killer" Your crap local DJ